Sophia B. Penaranda - It was very informative, I enjoyed the 1 day training; because of this training we started a small business already and I plan to attend any training that your company will have, especially if it interests me the most.

Aida Villanueva – “BusinessCoach provides participants opportunities to embark on business. It equips them emerging skills that will allow them to improve their earning capacity. I enjoyed performing the task the speaker taught us. I couldn’t believe I could do tasks other than those I used to do.”

Lilibeth Galban - “The fee is worth it, and the speaker shared all the info that she knows. She is very accommodating and friendly.”

Camille Fallorina - “The speaker was very accommodating. I really learned a lot. I am hoping to attend future seminars. Thanks.”

Olivia Solidum – “The speaker is very knowledgeable about the topic, easy to approach; there’s not much formality – he is just like a friend who gives you tips, secrets of the trade which is very helpful for a beginner.”

Vida Anne Dela Peña – “For someone who has no accounting background, it’s amazing that I was able to understand the lesson very well. I have gained the basic knowledge required. The speaker was also nice enough to extend extra hours.”

Celizar Aglibot - “The seminar is very informative; lecturer presents actual examples and experience.”

Vivian Tan - “Generally addressed, what I needed. The interactive atmosphere of discussion is encouraging and provided a learning experience for the group.”

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Kristoffer Cardona – “I had a very good time, and the learning experience was very good. The speaker was very knowledgeable about the topic at hand.”

Evelyn Cabarles - “Excellent job! Friendly staff!”

Noemi Tarrayo – “Seminar provided good value for money.”

Danilo Dela Torre - “Conduct seminars in the provinces, including schools and government agencies, because of your excellent speakers and presentations.”

Maria Lourdes Baello - “BusinessCoach gives participants opportunities to venture into business.”

Melissa Castro – “The speaker is very accommodating. I don’t have any hesitation to ask her if I have some questions. I’ve learned a lot from her.”

Esperanza Manalo – “Everything is very good and informative. The coach is very good. Thank you very much.”

Armi Rose R. Santiago – “The speaker is very amiable and answers the questions directly.”

Ruiz Aznar - “Overall, I did not expect Business Coach to be professional looking and true to its commitment. Very dedicated.”

Merrick James Malinis – “Business Coach staffs are friendly and accommodating.”

Andee Lim – “This has been one of the most informative and productive seminars I’ve attended without falling asleep.”

Jack Melad – “Thanks for holding such a great seminar.”

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Adam C. Sy – “Speechless! I had attended webhosting seminar in another training institute, but this seminar provided more views and insights!”

Christina Casamina – “The speaker is good, she showed a lot of integrity, and confidence in her knowledge of the topic.”

Margot Paguio – “Employees are friendly, the classroom and office are clean and conducive to learning/workshop set-up.”

Atty. Jennifer Sobremonte – “All in all, the seminar was great and the lecturer excellent.”

Merlyn Torre – “Great topic; fun and enjoyable!”

Daisy Mauhay – “Friendly environment and speaker.”

John Pineda – “Very good speaker. Very nice and accommodating staff.”

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the speaker was able to impart.”

Eden Magbanua – “I’ve learned a lot, and the speaker had been honest in her discussion regarding the business.”

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Derrick Lara – Businesscoach provides sound principles and practical application is truly discussed. It’s a good investment when starting a

Kenneth Vincent Jaingue – “Very good...”

Beth Aglugub – “The seminar was extensive and very informative, giving you a good foundation of the business.”

Charles Chante – “Keep up the good work.”

Krisna Isabel Ventura – “Seminar is very informative; concepts were explained and backed-up with practical applications.”

Aimee Gonzalez – “More power, and hope you will extend your services in Cebu.”

Jacqueline Ordoña – “Generally, the seminar was very good.”

Olivia Solidum – “I like the speaker, because she made the topic interesting, very casual, and yet my questions were answered.”

Dan Garcia – “The seminar was fun and informative.”

Joewilo Olmo – “Everything is organized and perfect..”

Manilyn Yao – Overall, I learned a lot in the seminar. Thanks for providing us a venue to learn more about food cart business.

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