How to Apply for a Mayor's Permit (For New Businesses)

All businesses must secure the necessary permits or licenses to operate from the city mayor’s office where the business is located. It is then renewed annually (usually before the 20th of January). Renewal after the said period will be subjected to interests or penalties.

Procedures in the acquisition of a mayor’s permit vary, depending on the city mayor’s regulations. It is advised that you visit the Permits and Licensing Office in your municipality to get the requirements and to learn the step-by-step procedures in applying for a mayor’s permit.
Those applying for a Mayor’s Permit for a new business shall pay regulatory fees based on the nature of business and its capitalization.

  • Barangay Clearance
  • Proof of payment of real property taxes if the place of business is owned by the applicant; for lessees, a contract of lease may be submitted instead.
  • DTI Certificate (for sole proprietorship) or SEC Registration (for partnership and corporation)
  • Copy of public liability insurance issued by an accredited insurer
  • Occupancy Permit of the building where the business will be located
  • Picture of establishment and signage

  • For restaurants, canteens and other businesses involved with food and/or handling or processing, a Sanitation Permit to be secured from the City Health Office.
  • For tourism-related businesses (spas, hotels, travel agencies, and tour guides) a Tourism Certificate issued by the City Tourism Office.
  • For businesses involving animals, (eg. Pet Shop, slaughterhouse, etc.,) a Veterinary Clearance